It is not surprising that the Majority of Americans disagree with Trump's decision to fire Comey. The fact is however, Comey has proved to be so incompetent and so politically motivated, that the failure to fire him would have been fatal to America's National Security Interests. Why? Because the American government is divided between two camps and Comey like Donald Trump himself, was a victim of the undeclared, civil war. On the one hand, you have the anti-Putin fanatics who are secretely trying to overthrow Assad and therefore demonize anybody who does not share their agenda, and on the other, you have Donald Trump, who is on the right side of history for refusing to demonize Putin over the civil war in Syria.  

In context, the current, politically motivated scheme to brand Trump a traitor is treacherous and the firing of Comey sends the right signal. Enough is enough.  

First and foremost, Donald Trump does not need to be popular. He needs to act like the President of the United States and that is what he is trying to do.  

If Comey was fair, impartial and competent, he would have ended his so called investigation of the President of the United States just as he ended the Clinton investigation. In fact, there is far more evidence against Clinton than there is against Trump (if any) and that is where Comey lost the authority to be the Director of the FBI.  

Make no mistake about it, if Comey followed the letter of the law, Hillary Clinton would have been charged and convicted, not because she deserved to be, but because the law is so draconian, it is not possible to suggest that she did nothing wrong. No doubt, some in the FBI wanted to charge Clinton, and they too need to take a chill pill.  

The fact is, in order to be fair and transparent, Comey had given Clinton a pass (exercised his discretion) and he therfore needed to do the same with Donald Trump, and the only reason he did not is because he has been influenced by people who are extremely politically motivated. Having been been brainwashed by the anti-Putin, John Mccain-style zealots who engage illegal, regime change plots against Syria's Assad, Comey came to view Trump's Russian policy as "suspicion" and that is the only reason he was targeted by Comey.  

The politics are confusing and contradictory and you would have to develop what is rare, a very deep, historical understanding, to be able to appreciate current posturing. After the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco, John F. Kennedy was disturbed because his popularity soared despite the fact that he had blundered, and the takeaway from that was simple -Never Again. But how soon we forget.  

Americans are wrong to think that President Donald Trump should not have fired Comey, and they need to wake up and get behind their President because the world is too dangerous to be divided in the manner that they are.  

Donald Trump is deemed to be disloyal because he is an advocate of change where the obsession to overthrow Assad is concerned and that is the only reason he was ever a target of Comey's FBI. In response to the dismissal of the Director of the FBI, John McCain called Comey the most respected man in America, and that should explain everything.  

Most Democrats and Republicans are very schizophrenic where Russian policy is concerned and that has created a great deal of confusion. On the one hand, they demonize Russian ally, Assad and claim that he must go and on the other, they claim that it is not wise to confront Russia in a war over Syria. Fanatics like McCain abandon ever scruple and provoke confrontation, and the Bay of Pigs is the fiasco which best highlights their efforts to suck America to perpetual war in Syria.  

If things proceed as they are and Trump is under investigation for 4 or 8 years, history will repeat. 911 followed futile efforts to impeach President Clinton, and that is exactly what will happen again if America does not focus on what matters instead of the politically motivated schemes that are undermining faith in democracy.  

If you are a member of the "resistance" I have a recommendation. Focus exclusively on the need to universalize health care because it is a human right that is currently ignored, and then move on to fix the next problem. Stop wasting time and resouces blaming Donald Trump for everything because you are undermining your own National Security.  

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